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One of the greatest investment opportunity is property and construction field.  Managing such a big establishment will never be easier, as it involves various operations that are highly important to one another. Coordination, document controlling and financial management of properties requires experts’ hands and time too. To ease this effort and also improve the performance, software technology have introduced the most creative tool on property management. PMS software is the one stop solution to every managerial requirements in real estate firms.

Property management system is an application that takes care of the entire managerial tasks associated with hospitality accommodations and commercial residential rental properties. PMS can be customized as per the need of hospitality. From the allocation of your property space, its management, maintenance, follow up etc. Property management system will ease your operations.

Property management will never be easier than this!!!

Move to the new Property Management Software formulated by TekTurkey to handle the entire management and administration of any kind of property you own. This modern software track and manage about property owners’ details, rental contract for units (such villa, flat, show-rooms, offices or furnished apartments), rental payments (including PDC) against the rented units, rentals/ unit of occupiers’ profile, renewal notice to resident, induction of a new renter, induction of a new owner, maintenance expenditure for each unit in the property.

Property management software by TekTurkey will incorporate all the vital data required for ideal operation at the supervisor’s fingertips. Administering with huge properties are always challenging. With the increased competition and also the advanced technology, residential or rental complex owners or enterprises are highly relying on software industry to develop their kind of automated managing platform. In PMS all data can be seen on-line, printed or shown on diagrams. Symbols, shading and such provide clear outline of operations to the supervisors and allows them better administrative control over the system of operations. The system finds data that can be used to increase income by providing the right showcasing of this information.

TekTurkey team will deliver excellent training and post-sale services to upgrade or add on with additional managerial requirements in future. We stand by you watching the growth graph inclining.

Our expert software developers will develop any type of real estate software which will support the organization in efficiently managing the properties’ requirements as well as the tenant needs. Our customized PMS software are unique with add on features that exclusively serve any property management which needs excellently. Our in house programmers will couple innovation and creativity with their expertise to deliver you the best and affordable PMS software in Istanbul.

Features of PMS software

  • Building master
  • Unit master
  • Tenant master
  • PDC management
  • Tenancy agreement Details
  • Payment and Refund Details
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