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Inventory management is all about the complete care of resources available in an organization. It includes every tangible asset of the organization which are highly required to efficient performance of the organization. It is mandatory to control the inventory in an organization in order to maintain the flawless and smooth performance of the establishment. Getting orders and timely deliveries are the major factors that will position a company in the market. A highly comprehensive and advanced IMS will resolve these challenges and contribute more to the organizational excellence.

Functions of Inventory management
1. Increase the productivity and efficiency
2. Increase profitability
3. Avoiding stock-outs and excess stock
4. Supply and demand balance
5. Quality management
6. Forecasting and planning
7. Preparing Inventory reports

Inventory management system is a software developed to take care of every inventory management functions. It helps to track, order and deliver the inventories in an organization. Inventory management system effectively manages the inventory mix of the company. IMS supports the organization by cost effective inventory management practices and methodologies.

TekTurkey is one of the best IMS developers among the top inventory management software companies in Turkey. Our IMS includes online computer-based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and distributions. IMS may also be utilized in manufacturing industry for the creation of documents like work order, bill of materials and others as such.

Special features of Inventory software

  • Innovative inventory control measures and techniques
  • Barcoding and scanning
  • Forecasting tools
  • Integrated with accounting system
  • Lot tracking
  • Enables integration with other applications

We have integrated various tools and technologies in our inventory software which can even use super stock management software to avoid the risk of product overstock and outages. IMS helps you get rid of the hard-copy form of endless spreadsheets and replace it with a tool that establishes tracking data. Several challenges in supply and distribution line can be covered with customized tools. Our developers include various innovative and creative ideas to mold the best Inventory software in the industry.

TekTurkey’s software developers will constitute spectacular inventory platform to any kind of organizations. With our best inventory management software, you can experience smooth and consistent performance of the organization.

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